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Nice to meet you!
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We've been best friends for almost 20 (!) years. Ying and Yang. From the very beginning of our friendship, we were sure that one day, we would start our own business. So here we are today. 

Meet Zoen (Dutch for 'kiss') and Gust. Our firstborns.  Both fiver years old and already having a shop called after them :) 

Being a girlsmom and a boysmom, we are always on the lookout for the best for our mini’s. Beautiful things from all over the world, designed and created with the highest care, passion and by inspirational people. 

As a mother, you’re busy.

We know. You don’t have time to trek the globe, looking for the perfect essentials for your mini. And that’s why at Zoen voor Gust, we keep ourselves busy curating a well-edited and researched collection of baby and toddler essentials that we know you and your sweet bundle will appreciate.

We pay close attention to what you want, and make it our mission to find high-quality products created with passion. Because they deserve only the best, don’t they?


Carol & Ingeborg